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When will community copies be a thing? I wanna see the full version so I can tell you what is good about it.

I wanna help you grow

I don't seem to see an option for the paid there a way to buy it through so you could (presumably) get a better cut of the purchase??

Just got it off your Etsy page in the meantime!

Hey, have some question about page 2, Feature table. There is 1d8 roll, but the table contains only 6 options. What does it mean?

/me blushes. Oops, that's clearly a copy writing error. OK, something for me to fix and post. Thanks for spotting it.


Although I'm tempted to add two more things now, just because...




First version was great. I'm sure I'll enjoy this one too. :P

Thanks! Let me know what you think of the changes

The original version of this was important and delightful and I am so goddamn excited to play this version.

Yes! Will you post your drawings?

I don't have easy access to the old drawings but I will share new drawings as I make them.